The milling machine can machine (cut into) flat or curved solids. Using a specific design software, we can (where possible) manufacture or engrave a number of pen parts such as clips, cap finals, and various other spare parts of models no longer available on the market. We can also recreate thread pitches in old or new parts that are identical to the original ones. We currently have three milling machines of different sizes that we use according to the processing needs. Where possible, a date and an abbreviation are placed on the reconstructed product to differentiate it from the original piece.

4-axis milling machine for extremely precise engraving of very small objects.

foto particolare incisione

 Machining detail

fresa a 4 assi media grandezza

 4-axis milling machine for high precision engraving of small / medium-sized objects.

 Work detail.  The smaller of the two pieces was made from a slab.

4-axis milling machine for high precision engraving on medium-sized objects, used for single or series machining.

Work detail.  Clips milled in series from a sheet.