What happens to my pen when it arrives at your lab?

1) Arrival and registration

Once the carrier hands us your package,  our registration department checks its integrity before carefully opening it and subsequently registering all its contents

compilazione busta

2) Triage

A numbered paper envelope is filled out by hand with

✓ The customer’s information
✓ A description of the pen
✓ A forecast of the work that will need to be done

Now the fun begins!

3) First analysis

The pen is set on the restoration desk. Its major components are carefully scrutinized with the aid of an electronic microscope for its first structural analysis.

4) Internal File

A file containing the description of the various tests and work performed will follow the pen from the restoration department until the moment of invoicing and shipping.

5) Cleaning

We then proceed with a delicate ultrasonic wash at a controlled temperature for 10 minutes.  A special cleaner facilitates the removal of any external component that has deposited on the surface of the pen over time.

6) Second analysis

The pen is disassembled in order to estimate the state of conservation of every single on of its elements. The pen file is updated with any other jobs that need to be done if there are any parts that require extra work. 

If the repair requires considerable effort, we send a quote to the customer via telephone / fax, email WhatsApp.  Once the quote is accepted and the restoration has been completed, the final stages of the process are carried out.

7) Polishing

Once reassembled, the pen is first polished with a brush and then by hand with carefully selected products. To verify that the work has been performed by the book , three final tests are carried out

8) Autoclave test

Using a piece of equipment that creates an air vacuum and measures any leaks, it is possible to establish whether the pen’s barrel has a good seal.

9) Ink tightness and smoothness test

Once filled, the pen is tested for ink hold (to make sure there are no ink creeps or drops) and writing quality (smoothness and absence of skipping)

10) Final touches

 To better highlight any engraving on the pen, a special removable wax is applied.
At the request of the customer, a color printed expertise can be added to the restoration.

For legal purposes, the document may be drawn up and signed by our Technical Expert Consulting for the Court and the Chamber of Commerce in Florence.

11) Issuing of the  invoice

At the end of the restoration, the pen and all papers documenting the work performed are passed to our administrative department.  The issuance of the invoice formalizes and legally guarantees the repair.

12) Packaging

Our packaging procedures follow a strict “Guaranteed Security Procedure” as we use high quality thick cardboard boxes, our personalized tape, and the address label is printed with the customer’s data and a unique bar code.

13) Tracked Shipping

With this type of shipment it will be possible to track the pen at every stage of its journey to its final destination.  Delivery of the package takes 24/48 hours within mainland Italy.